Na-mic wiki user account creation


Unable to create a new na-mic wiki user account using an email address I was able to create one with an email address
Fails to send request, confirmation and new password emails. Should be able to use any domain.

#2 refuses to accept email from a host without a valid reverse DNS record

From the mail log:

Jun 26 10:04:38 p2-wiki-nyc1-01 postfix/smtp[26474]: EA8972047F:,[]:25, delay=4594, delays=4594/0.01/0.26/0, dsn=4.0.0, status=deferred (host[] refused to talk to me: (mxeueus002) Nemesis ESMTP Service not available 554-No SMTP service 554 invalid DNS PTR resource record, IP=

I’ve opened a ticket with Digital Ocean to inquire about their recommended configuration, but it really comes down to configuring the applications, the hostname (FQDN) and forward-zone DNS for each domain (MX records). So I might have to reconfigure the wiki application to correspond with the domain MX records; or configure Postfix on the host to send mail for through the MX provider for

Currently has MX handled by Are there any actual user email accounts? (e.g. joe or If not, we could also just change the MX record for to point to this host.

See for more DNS and Mail info and tools.

As an aside, I renamed the host to qb; (it was p2-wiki-nyc1-01)
dig -x +short

CC: @mhalle for potential DNS changes


Actually, if we just setup an SPF record, then this should be taken care of.

@mhalle Can you enter a TXT record for like the following: IN TXT "v=spf1 mx a"

This tells the world that any host with an MX record for can send email for the domain. Additionally, the host IP that resolves to the A record for the domain can send email.

The exact method to set this up is dependent on your DNS provider. These are the instructions for GoDaddy


Will you also work on the notification email, when an account is being requested?


This is a separate issue.

The confirm account extension is installed for Here is the management interface.

What is the problem you are experiencing? Is your wiki user account setup to receive notifications via your user preferences?


I was receiving notifications up to June 22, 2017. I have not changed my user preferences in a long time.


Hi @marianna,
I’m unable to reproduce the problem. I see account requests for that you replied to; the last one being on June 15th. And the only requests that exist for are from June 26th - including the one which precipitated the issue with account notifications through (*


This morning someone in Germany requested a na-mic wiki account and I did not get the notification email. The only reason I have known about it because the account creation did not work and I had to ask the user to request again from her gmail address.
Please try yourself and see if I get the notification email/


I just confirmed that the Confirm Account extension is working properly. See request by

Please note that the extension does not notify bureaucrats until the account requester has verified their email address. In fact, these “hidden” requests get aged and eventually auto-expunged from the system without you ever seeing them (unless the originator verifies their email address). The requester can’t verify their email address if the message is blocked by their ISP; such as the case with (*

Note: still need @mhalle to setup SPF record to hopefully get mail through 1and1 (and other ISPs that block similarly).


I added the SPF TXT record.

I can also modify/delete the kitware MX record. What’s your preference?



Thanks, I say delete the MX record. If there is no active mail service setup for, we don’t want to get into that ball of yarn. And we don’t want to start getting extra inbound SMTP traffic at qb.