About the clients category

The “client” section is reserved for paid support clients. Bookmark this section so you can easily get support.

  • What’s in the general client category?
    We post product announcements and management related info that clients would be interested in. If you have a general client question, you can post that in the ‘clients’ category itself.

  • How exactly is this different than the other categories we already have?
    The client portal is both a convenience to clients, and also a private area where specific support issues can be worked on collaboratively. When you visit the “clients” section, you will see a sub-category for the organization you are affiliated with. You will not see any other client. Post support questions into your client category (e.g. “ACME Widgets”)

  • How do I make a support request?
    Any support request should provide as much information as practical, specific, and describe the desired end result. You will automatically receive email updates about your post.

If your question is generic (no confidential or proprietary information), then you should ask your question in the general (public) Support category.