Antivirus scanning of uploads

Do your users upload files into the wiki?

Of course they do! That’s one of the major features of MediaWiki. QualityBox actually provides at least 3 ways to upload files: there is the standard upload form; the more ‘advanced’ upload wizard; and the drag-and-drop msupload feature.

The default MediaWiki does NOT scan for viruses. QualityBox does! We use ClamAV. ClamAV® is an open source antivirus engine for detecting trojans, viruses, malware & other malicious threats.

In QualityBox, we’ve added a feature to implement antivirus scanning on uploads. This adds a level of security against malicious or accidental upload of virus files into your knowledge platform. If you’re going to upload files into your wiki, and don’t already use methods to scan all connected users’ systems for viruses, then you probably should deploy this feature. Note that loading all the virus databases into memory for fast scanning requires approximately 558M of memory. By doing so, we decrease scan times down from 14.789 seconds to just 0.008 seconds (or 1,849 times faster - even on a file that’s 47MB)

Don’t know whether your current systems detect viruses?
Get this test virus file from The European Expert Group for IT-Security and upload it into your wiki.

Ask for more

You must ask for this feature, we have not yet rolled it out to all clients because it’s in early development, and we don’t want to add 1/2 GB or more memory footprint to your wiki without notice.

There is also more that we can do for your knowledge platform like Integration with Google Safe Browsing to thwart malware sites that your staff may find on the internet. We’re available for consulting on your security practices.