Can QualityBox link to documents on our shared drive?

Q. At ACME Widgets, we use a shared drive for a lot of our documents. How can QualityBox help us use those documents? Do we have to upload them all?

A. QualityBox can understand file links in the regular UNC format such as

\\ComputerName\Shared Folder\Resource Name

There are some browser compatibility issues to consider. Basically you need to use an add-on so your browser will follow the local file links appearing in a non-local webpage. We can assist during implementation to ensure that your shares are properly accessible and you have the right information about extending your browser.

If you do upload documents into QualityBox, they will be indexed into the search engine – a great feature! Because you can tag, categorize, annotate, search and view documents in the wiki, you may find that working with certain documents (pdf, text, forms) inside the wiki makes more sense. The wiki can even work on Google spreadsheets. However native spreadsheet functionality is best in an Office app like LibreOffice Calc or Microsoft Excel.

Technical Details