Changes to the Discourse "Support Center" and "Community Center"

We’ve been adding some features to this system, and one of the most visible is the new navigation across the top. It’s still the same system, but we thought we’d make it easier to find your way around the “QualityBox” universe. We’ve started referring to this site as the QB Huddle - it’s where everybody gets on the same page. Clients can see what’s going on with their QualityBox. Developers can see what’s going on with development and plans.

Primary Nav

eQuality Technology takes you to the websiste of the QualityBox project leader and sponsor

QB Home

is the main ‘marketing’ site for QualityBox. It’s a one-pager that introduces the system to the world.

QB Huddle

The support and topical site for QualityBox staff, clients, operations and development. Game on!


The Knowledge Base for QualityBox – QualityBox on QualityBox @

QB Dev

The source code for QualityBox

QB Demo

The website where you can test / try QualityBox @

Tool links

Next to the search icon we’ve inserted some additional tools:

  1. Another link to our GitHub repository for the source code for QualityBox
  2. The Wikimedia Foundation “discourse” for questions about MediaWiki (the software that runs Wikipedia, and underlying QualityBox)
  3. Our Twitter feed (rarely post - but you can follow us or tweet us)

We hope you find it easier to find your way around QualityBox! Let us know with a reply.