Dashboards in QualityBox



QualityBox has several unique dashboards, and more planned for the future.

Turn on full debugging with ?requestDebug

Get Server Performance stats

  • click and drag the x axis to zoom into a range
  • click the key to remove/add stats

HAProxy statistics for each "frontend/backend"
This is password protected, but the default is ‘admin’ ‘password’

The regular landing page is powered by “WikiBlender” and uses the MWAPI to gather some statistics of your QualityBox wikis.

The “Admin View” of the landing page
Includes phpinfo output and a summary of admins/bureaucrats


What other monitoring, or dashboards should be added?


  1. the XTools project e.g. https://xtools.wmflabs.org/articleinfo/en.wikipedia.org/Barcode
    docs: https://xtools.readthedocs.io/en/stable/index.html

  2. Pageviews source code: https://github.com/MusikAnimal/pageviews


Another useful info tool is the Apache mod_status module which in Meza is configured to only be accessible to localhost. From the command line, issue:

    curl localhost:8090/server-status?auto

to get a machine-readable version. (Withouth the querystring, you’ll get an HTML output, which is suitable if you’ve installed a browser on the control host, or otherwise port-forward a connection through SSH.)

The output will look something like:

Total Accesses: 5079067
Total kBytes: 159541635
CPULoad: .027305
Uptime: 2524699
ReqPerSec: 2.01175
BytesPerSec: 64709
BytesPerReq: 32165.5
BusyWorkers: 12
IdleWorkers: 2
Scoreboard: _KKK_WKKWK…K…K.W…K…


Should also implement https://github.com/humbedooh/server-status (unless we switch to NginX)