I'm not a programmer, can I get support for customizations?



George from England asks:

Would I be able to recieve support for requests since I have no programming knowledge? I.e. If I’d like a large search bar on the homepage similar to wikihow


We do offer customization of QualityBox for each customer. The system is flexible around the concept of “core” and “local” code. So, using your example, we could implement a large search bar using any combination of

  1. Custom configuration of core functionality;
  2. Additional local functionality – just for your wiki – through added 3rd-party extensions (imagine a popular extension found on mediawiki.org called “large search bar”;
  3. Custom extension development.

Additional services are billed at our standard rates during implementation, and there are no additional charges for hosting if additional custom extensions are licensed under the GPL and shared with the community (even though it’s likely that we’re the only maintainers of the code). Hosting private, custom extensions requires maintenance of code that only we have access to; which we obviously charge for.


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