Install the official [SOLVED] plugin

The solved plugin has been installed from

We also installed a checklist plugin from

  • Install Solved plugin
  • Install checklist plugin. Unfortunately it doesn’t render in the preview.
  • document how to produce the checkboxes in a list

Brackets with an x produce the dark checkbox with a white check
Brackets with an * produce the light checkbox with a black check
Empty brackets produce the open checkbox
Despite claims to the contrary, I have not succeeded in producing an interactive checkbox that you can just ‘click’ without using the edit button.

I’ve replaced the checklist plugin with a new version that’s ported to the most recent Discourse. The former was apparently not maintained. Interactive “clicking” now works.


Brackets with an x
Brackets with an *
Empty brackets


Check me one
Check me two
Check me three
Check me four
Check me :raised_hand: