More tips on formatting your posts: syntax highlighting

You can include code blocks in your post, with automatic syntax highlighting (color!). See the highlight.js website for a demo and more details:

Using ``` (triple backticks) to create a code fence around your block of code will automatically highlight the code. To tell the highlighter which language your code is in, type the language immediately after the beginning triple backtick like this: ```php


So, putting it all together, you can

your code here

Or simply

your code here

And hope that your code is enough for the parser to figure out which language to use.

What languages are recognized/supported?

Right now, we’ve enabled apache, bash, cs, cpp, css, coffeescript, diff, xml, http, ini, json, java, javascript, makefile, markdown, nginx, objectivec, ruby, perl, php, python, sql, handlebars

We could add more, but don’t want to hurt performance of the site.


/* php */
echo "hello world";
// javascript
echo "hello world";
# bash
echo "hello world";

As an aside, single backticks around your content produce “preformatted text”
This is what text looks like when surrounded by single backticks

Also, indenting a whole block of text by four spaces turns on the syntax highlighter.

indented four spaces
echo "hello world"