Running QualityBox with extremely limited resources

If trying to run QualityBox on a very limited machine, you may need to alter your ansible.cfg. QualityBox is orchestrated with Ansible, and Ansible will process multiple hosts using multiple threads. This may cause a low-powered control host to exceed the available memory. One way to use less memory is to set forks = 1

Quoting Greg Rundlett while troubleshooting a problematic environment:

Plays can fail because Ansible runs out of memory during execution. I’ve configured this environment (using the system /etc/ansible/ansible.cfg rather than the local /opt/meza/config/core/ansible.cfg) to set Ansible’s process forks to “1” (no parallel execution) because it will otherwise run out of memory. I’ve also configured “pipelining” True so which should provide a good boost to deploy speed.