What is QualityBox made of?

QualityBox is built on code1 which NASA uses to deploy significant operational wikis. The Meza project in turn is built on the software2 which makes Wikipedia possible.

QualityBox incorporates code from the MediaWiki project itself – including compatible code from third-parties

QualityBox incorporates code from many other third-party projects for search, administration, monitoring and other platform features.

QualityBox source code is licensed as Free Software under the GNU Affero (AGPL) license3.


1 the Meza project
2 the MediaWiki project of the Wikimedia Foundation in San Francisco, CA
3 A loose interpretation of the license is “You can have it, but you can’t keep it to yourself”. Like a smile. You can smile all you want, but you can’t stop other people from smiling too. In fact, the more you smile, the more other people will smile. I think more smiles makes the world a better place.

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